About Us

We are Start-up India Registered as Bekwell Enterprises LLP. We are bringing our brand ‘Cook Wise‘to  Indian market with our patented cookware technology, which can save up to 40% LPG. Credits for innovation goes to Dr. G. S. Tasgaonkar, who had this vision and huge experience of 36 years in field of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. BEKWELL ENTERPRISES LLP is the outcome of a come vision to save our natural resources especially LPG and cooking gas. The technology can be a great help to save LPG and indeed save our nation. Company aims of producing best quality cookware at a very affordable price and only company in India which can assure up to 40% LPG saving.

Cookwise’s Tawa Description

Cookwise tawa is a revolutionary product in the cookware industry and India’s only technology which can save up to 40% LPG or the cooking gas. It utilizes the waste heat in form of convection and radiation to regenerate the heat and use for baking. It has 4 slots beneath the base which assures the perfect locking of tawa. It also obstructs the nearby air currents from disturbing the flame. Uniform temperature is ensured over the entire surface of tawa, which enhances complete baking of food.