A : Why choose Cookwise?

Answer: Cookwise is the only choice when you want the benefits of cast iron cooking without any of the hassle or high maintenance. Cast iron cooking has been highly regarded for centuries for high heat retention, durability, versatility, and the classic beauty of the craft. However, these attributes have been overshadowed by the high maintenance issues including required and repeated seasoning, rusting, flavor transference, and frequent, rigorous hand washing. Cookwise’s ease of use and simplicity of care has revolutionized the cast iron cookware industry with its ability to save up to 40% LPG or cooking gas.

B : How do you Reseason Cookwise cast iron tawa?

Answer: Scrub the Cookwise tawa thoroughly. Repeat the process as mentioned for (How do I season a Cookwise’s cast iron tawa)

C : How does Cookwise’s tawa save LPG?

Answer: Cookwise’s patented technology utilizes the waste heat in form of convection and radiation for regenerating the heat and utilize it for complete baking of food.

D : Why 4 slots are provided beneath the base of Cookwise’s tawa?

Answer: Cookwise’s tawa provides 4 slots so that perfect locking is achieved when tawa is placed on the stove stand Note: Cookwise’s tawa can be used only on stove stands with 4 ribs.

E : What all can be prepared with Cookwise’s tawa?

Answer: Cookwise’s tawa is perfect for baking Chapatis, Rotis, Thalpits, Dosas, Puran Polis, Jowar and Bajra Bhakri, etc.

F : How much time is required for initial warming of Cookwise’s tawa?

Answer: Cookwise’s patented technology has reduced initial warming to an extent. Note: It is recommended to minimize the flame to low once the accepted warmth of tawa is achieved.

G : What are specifications of Cookwise’s tawa?

Answer: Cookwise tawa comes with diameter of 260mm (10.25 inches).